Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Core Data Editor 4.2

I am pleased to announce the release of Core Data Editor 4.2 - finally after a three month long journey of submitting, rejection, re-submitting, … (you get the idea). So what is new with 4.2?


I have improved the most important shortcuts:
  • Create a managed object by pressing ⌘N
  • Create a new project by pressing ⌘⇧N
  • Reload the store file by pressing ⌘R
  • Delete a managed object by pressing ⌫
So creating a new project in Core Data Editor has the exact same shortcut than in Xcode.

Entities Table View

Some of you have very long entity names. Now you can make the entities table view wider than before. Have a look: Big Table


In addition I have also fixed two annoying bugs:
  • Date attribute text field now responds to the tab key.
  • Refreshing the editor view (by clicking on the refresh button in the lower left corner) is much more stable.
Thank you all for your patience and stay tuned for the next release of Core Data Editor which will actually bring new features and more bug fixes. And a special thanks goes to everyone who reported bugs and provided freed back.

Happy Coding.

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