Saturday, November 12, 2011

If you need a good designer...

I have worked with a lot of designers over the last couple of years. Some of them did a fantastic job and I happily paid good money for their work. But in my experience designers are highly "volatile" - like gas. What do I mean by that?

Me to Designer: Are you available for design work?
Designer: Yes. Sure.

Me explains everything in great detail.

Designer: No problem. I will do it.

-- 2 Weeks later --

Me to Designer: Hello.

-- No response. 2 Weeks later ---

Me to Designer: Hello - are you there?

-- and so on --

All this is over. I found a really good designer. He is friendly. Very creative. Motivated. Smart. Open minded. Loyal. And most importantly: Not like any gas I know. :)

Thank you Tomas Bartko.


  1. habe ich jetzt auch gemerkt, aber danke trotzdem :) bin gespannt auf seine sache wo ich in auftrag gegeben habe :)

  2. Tomas spricht perfekt Deutsch, Englisch und ich glaube noch Slowakisch. Am besten kontaktiert man ihn initial via E-Mail. Er ist allerdings auch recht oft via IM erreichbar.