Monday, June 10, 2013

Xcode productivity tip: Jump to the next issue

A couple of weeks ago I began to use a feature of Xcode that improved my productivity quite a lot. For some of you this feature may be old news. To be honest: It was old news for me as well. I knew about this feature but I never used it because I could not believe that it was that useful.

Quickly jumping to the next issue

There is a keyboard shortcut in Xcode which let's you jump to the next issue (warning or error). The default shortcut for this is ⌘'. This is extremely handy - especially if you have a "zero-warning policy" because then every issue is worth fixing immediately: You won't jump to an issue which you can fix later or which is not really an issue.

I decided to assign the "Jump to Next Issue" command a simple shortcut just to make things easier for me. Because I have a German keyboard i am using ⌘Ä to jump to the next issue and ⌘Ö to jump to the previous issue.

You may have to restart Xcode for the new key bindings to take effect.