Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Flashcards data loss

The latest Flashcards update has a bug which causes your data to disappear. I am very sorry that this happened. The good thing is that you data is not lost. You can "restore" it by executing the following steps:
  • Close Flashcards
  • Use Spotlight to find an application called "Terminal"
Find Termina with Spotlight
  • Launch Terminal- Paste in the following text:
cp ~/Library/Application\ Support/Ebbinghaus3/Ebbinghaus3.sql \
Screen Shot 2011 10 11 at 9 07 12 AM
  • Press enter- Restart Flashcards
If you need any additional assistance please send an email to support@christian-kienle.de.

Update: A fix has already been submitted to Apple a few days ago but Flashcards is still waiting for review. I will keep you posted.

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