Sunday, December 5, 2010

About WikiLeaks

This post is not about Objective-C, Cocoa nor anything technological. It is about something more important: WikiLeaks.

I am sure you have already heard that WikiLeaks recently published "United States diplomatic cables". Five major newspapers "helped" to spread the word about the published diplomatic cables. Around the globe people discussed the contents and thought about the impact such a publication might have on various things like international relations and mutual trust. Quickly the government of the United States recognized what has happened and took devastating actions:

  • Denial-of-service-attacks on WikiLeaks's servers
  • Content removal
  • Killing WikiLeak's domains

If this weren't enough companies all over the world are starting to "attack" WikiLeaks. Let me give you an example:

The Wau Holland Foundation is located in Germany. In the past the Wau Holland Foundation collected donations for WikiLeaks.  A few days ago PayPal closed the account of the Wau Holland Foundation. This means that nobody can donate via the Wau Holland Foundation anymore and that the already collected money seems to be lost. I donated hours before PayPal closed the account of the Wau Holland Foundation. I already asked PayPal for a refund so that I can donate the money via other channels. But hey - what PayPal did is not fair:

I am very angry about that what happened. Angry because I think that everybody is overreacting. We all know how much governments all over the world know about us. With us I mean the citizens of the world. The German government is passing law after law after law that allows them to know everything about us. The same is true for most governments these days which means that this is an international problem. All that a "normal" citizen can do is to demonstrate against those laws. Now look at our governments. Look at how they behave. Listen to what they are saying. Are they standing together as one demonstrating for their own rights on privacy? No! They behave like a child whose lolly pop fell on the dirty ground. No. Worse. They behave like a criminal.

There is so much going on at Twitter at the moment. Allow me to quote a few interesting Tweets:

@DanOnymity wrote: We elect Governments not to dictate our freedoms, but to support our liberty. They serve us, we do not serve them. #imwikileaks

@HansRottier wrote: Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen. #imwikileaks

@jdispinziere wrote: why are none of these trending? looks like twitter is censoring. #imwikileaks #wikileaks #cablegate

@voxhumanum wrote: The Big Brother is watching you. But, WikiLeaks is watching the Big Brother, for you. #imwikileaks

What do you think?

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  1. You are acting like WikiLeaks is like a god figure how are you sure this organization will always be watching big brother or rather be another factor in politics as a force itself. WikiLeaks just came out so its hard to say what it will become but the danger is that it might be something harmful. WikiLeaks can be corrupted too just like the governments of the world. I am skeptical about thinking about them as someone who watches Big Brother for me.