Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Core Data Editor 3.0 released

Yesterday I finally released Core Data Editor 3.0. It took me about ten months to get from a beta version of Core Data Editor 3.0 to the final version. What is new:

  • Core Data Editor automatically observes the file system and tries to figure out when a persistent store file is changed by another application. If Core Data Editor detects a change it automatically reloads the file and refreshes its UI. Many thanks to Stuart Connolly, the developer of SCEvent, which makes observing the file system very easy.
  • Better support for iOS applications: In Core Data Editor 2 you could only specify the location of the iPhone Simulator directory, globally. This makes no sense anymore. Apple changed the locations where the Simulator places application data which broke Core Data Editor. Now you have to specify the location of the applications folder in each configuration. This allows you to use Core Data Editor for different versions of the SDK.
  • Updates are now delivered via Sparkle.
  • Help is now available and integrated in the app and will be constantly improved.

Core Data Editor Website

The following screen cast shows Core Data Editor and a third party app. As I add objects in the third party app Core Data Editor refreshes it's UI to reflect the changes. Neat - isn't it?


(Click on the image above to watch the screen cast.)

Starting with version 3.0 Core Data Editor costs $20. Everyone who already donated $20 will receive a free license for Core Data Editor 3.0. Just drop me an e-mail if I forgot you. I hope you like the latest version of Core Data Editor.

Core Data Editor Website

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