Friday, December 18, 2009

Atlas makes Objective-J/Cappuccino so much more fun

This blog post is about Atlas. Atlas is an IDE for Cappuccino/Objective-J applications. But first things first.

Objective-J is a new programming language developed by the guys from 280 North. The cool thing about Objective-J is that it is a real superset of Java Script which means that every valid Java Script code is also valid Objective-J code. You can also find this paradigm in the Objective-C world because Objective-C is a real superset of C. Now the coolness begins: The guys from 280 North are geniuses. They built an Objective-J interpreter with Java Script. Which means that every browser that supports Java Script can also execute Objective-J code without the need of plugins. The Cappuccino toolset also contains an ahead of time compiler for Objective-J code. By the way: Cappuccino is the application development framework developed in Objective-J.

That said it is now time to show you what the guy from 280 North built with Cappuccino and Objective-J. Open your favorite browser and go to Yes, you are right. They built a Powerpoint killing web app by using Cappuccino and Objective-J.

I hope that, at this point, you are all ears to what I have to say about Atlas because if gets even better and cooler.

At this time the guys from 280 North have a cool programming language and an application development framework. Atlas brings it all together. Atlas lets you create new projects.

Once created a new project Atlas opens up a window that lets you select a file and edit it's content.

As far I know Atlas is using Bespin as an editor component. Cappuccino applications usually have an user interface. Atlas makes it really easy to create and edit user interfaces. By opening the Resources folder and then clicking on "MainMenu.cib" an interface builder opens up that let's you visually edit the user interface by drag and drop.

This makes developing rich web application front ends so much easier. One more extremely cool feature:  With Atlas you can target two platforms: A web browser and the real native desktop platform. By selecting "Native Desktop" in the platform popup menu and then clicking on "Build and Run" Atlas creates a real Mac OS X application for me: With its own window and icon in the dock.

Join the Atlas Beta Program today.

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